This blog is meant to be a useful tool for independent travelers. Especially those, who don’t feel confident about a full-blown vagabond adventure- such as cycling or hitchhiking through a couple of countries- but appreciate getting off the beaten track and don’t mind some degree of discomfort.

Auto-rickshaw parked among the tea gardens in Munnar, India

You can find here detailed information which would make estimating your travel budget and cutting the travel cost much easier.

At the same time, this blog is also travelogue, a nitty-gritty diary of a backpacker couple. relating the story of all the adventures, all the people we met and the places we visited in our travels.

A word about me

I’m a free spirit who doesn’t believe life should be measured by 9 to 5 rhythms. Whatever I do, I always follow my heart which sometimes gives me weird looks in my native Poland. That’s one of the reasons why I’ve preferred to live abroad! I’m also a travel addict: staying in one place for a longer time makes me restless.

The author turns round from a cross-legged position when sitting in front of a Buddha statue inside one of the temples in Bagan, Myanmar

I went to leave abroad for the first time at the age of 22. The Erasmus student exchange in Bergen, Norway made the world shrink magically. I probably wouldn’t have gone to study social anthropology in Edinburgh (and then stayed in the UK for 10 years) without getting that empowering feeling of being a citizen of the world.

Yoga and meditation have been integral parts of my life since I turned 20. I’ve been a Yoga teacher for 12 years now and a Thai Yoga Massage therapist for 5 years. I wouldn’t swap this way of living for anything in the world. My job is my passion, it is of great benefits to others and I can work pretty much anywhere in the world. It’s a huge win-win situation.

Doing a camel yoga pose on a rock at the lake in Polish Tatras

I’m lucky enough to have a life companion who shares the same ideals and outlook on life. We agree that money doesn’t bring happiness and that life is for living, not working. We both get bored with staying in one place for too long and have no wish of ‘settling down’.

Kissing on the tower overlooking the mountain landscape in Dong Van, Vietnam

After spending 6 years in London, we grew tired of the city life and set off for a great adventure in Asia. During 1.5 year we traveled through 6 countries of South and South-East Asia. We are back in Europe now but still on a semi-nomadic basis, already looking forward to the new adventures.